Swap Beer Nuts for Kosher Beef Jerky

There is nothing quite like coming home from a long days work and having a beer and some beer nuts. Personally, I am more of a beer nuts kind of guy than beer. As most of you may know, nuts can get pretty fattening, unless you get the raw, unsalted, no flavor and pasty white cashews. The nuts I usually go for are more often than not honey roasted or coated with some sort of sweetness that inhibit you from putting them down and before you know it the entire can, bag or whatever they came in is done!

Kosher beef jerky is not your only option when it comes to late night munchies. You could have some sort of fruit, but some say that fruit is not the answer either because even though it is fruit, it’s still packed with sugar and we have learned that sugar is the devil! You obviously don’t have to eat an entire cherry tree, but once you start it’s hard to stop.

The obvious answer is not to have anything before bed, as some say, at least three hours before bed. I don’t know about you, but I could never seem to do that. No matter how hard I workout, or how strict I keep myself during the day, I always need something to snack on at night.  The bottom line is, everyone is looking for some healthy munchies, kosher beef jerky is the answer.

Kosher beef jerky is low in sugar and sodium and high in protein. You would be doing your body a justice by snacking on it! I know it sounds crazy having jerky has a snack, but it beats candy coated nuts or an ice cream bar. Granted we all need to practice self control, but if we did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation!

Stay Healthy!!




Vegans are the new carnivores!

IF you drive around Los Angeles, you will see that places like VegiGrill and Real Food Daily are popping up on every corner. Fast food joints started adding healthy items to their menus just to keep up! People are passing on meat and going for a healthier vegetable alternative.

Personally, I am and always will be a carnivore. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy other things besides meat. But you will never catch me a vegan restaurant, I am not down with the almond butter and the other faux foods that are served. But, being the today has become all about health and fitness, people are swtiching out their beef burger for veggie burgers.

There are many different types of veggie burgers out there, some good and some not. I always go with the mentality that if you can see the vegetables in the burger, then it has to be good. The same rule goes for seven grain bread, if you can’t see the grains, there probably not there. Being a restaurant owner, we have tried many times to make our veggie burgers and have failed many times. There is a trick to get the burger to stick together, I guess we have yet to master it. Luckily for us, we came across frozen veggie patties that are awesome!

Dr. Praeger’s veggie patties come in two different types, California Veggie and Chipotle Black Bean. I personally have tired both in a few different variations and they were delicious. They didn’t turn to mush after grilling, with you took a bite of the concocted burger, the rest of the patty stayed intact and in place.

The real question is, how often do we really eat burgers? Once a week? Twice a week? I know some of you would love to eat burgers every night and here is your solution. You can have a veggie burger instead of a beef burger. Granted you will taste a difference, but trust me it’s not that bad!

At the end of the day, what’s important is being healthy! Burgers will come and go, your body is here to stay!

+ R.J.’s +




What is Cholent (stew)?

Cholent is a stew that is traditionally eaten on Saturday afternoon upon returning from synagogue and was a staple of a kosher Jewish home. It originated from the poor little villages of eastern Europe. The main ingredients are beans, barley, potato and maybe a little bit of meat, depending on what could be afforded, being that kosher meat was a luxury. More often then not, the potatoes took the place of meat because potato is the national vegetable of eastern Europe! You put all the ingredients into a pot and place it in an oven overnight. During the late 19th century, it was placed in pots that were sealed with a flour and water paste and placed in a bakers oven overnight. Later, these earthenware pots were replaced with copper pots. Everyone would take their pots to a baker in their town and on the way from synagogue they would pick up their pots and take it home. Cholent was a poor mans stew!

Cholent has now become a trendy delicacy as most kosher cuisines have become. There are restaurants around the world, kosher and not, that serve cholent on a daily basis, it’s not just for Shabbos anymore! Thursday nights, among young Jewish men, is cholent night. Millions of guys get together all across the country get together for cholent, coleslaw and camaraderie! Cholent is not only eaten at home after synagogue anymore. After praying on Saturday morning there is usually something called a kiddish where cholent and a type of kugel, usually potato is served. There are cakes and some alcohol served as well. Cholent is a staple of Shabbos, if you don’t at least smell cholent on Shabbos, you don’t feel like it’s Shabbos!

Another staple that goes along with cholent in kishke. The literal definition of kishke is intestines or stuffed derma. These days it’s hard to find kosher kishke. You would the lining and filled with a flour and onion stuffing. It is placed in the cholent pot and slow cooked overnight along with the cholent. These days, at least here in the US, we don’t use the intestines to make kishke, it’s commercially made.

Somewhere along the line something called yapzeh came into the picture. It originated somewhere in Poland. It is the same idea as cholent except without the beans and barley. Some would look at this as a blessing because if you don’t soak the beans overnight, you’ll be up overnight! People soak the beans to get all the gas out of the beans, so you’re not full of gas! Back to yapzeh, it’s made if shredded potatoes, onion and beef. Its has an oatmeal kind of consistency and if made right, is quite tasty.

For all you vegetarians out there, there is such a thing as a vegetarian cholent. It’s actually quite popular for those that pray early on Saturday morning because they don’t want to eat meat that early in the morning, but they still want that cholent taste! Some even go as far as putting soy hot dogs as a substitute for the meat.

If you don’t like cholent, you’re probably not Jewish!

Good Shabbos!


Chicken Matzah Ball Soup….Good & Good for You!

I’m sure all of you have heard of the age old saying that chicken matzah ball soup if a form of Jewish penicillin. At one time or another your mother or grandmother has offered you chicken soup when you said you weren’t feeling well. It’s kind of like your old coach telling you to walk it off after being hit in the head with a baseball! Chicken soup is the answer to anything and everything that ails you.

There are multiple explanations as to why your grandmother thought that a hot bowl of chicken soup would make you feel better. I should go through the process of making chicken matzah ball soup before telling you why it helps.

So here’s a age old tried and true chicken soup recipe that is sure to cure you of just about anything.

First you need to boil chicken bones and chicken necks until they are the cooked. During this process add salt and pepper to taste. After the bones are cooked, remove the top layer of fat. Next you begin adding the vegetable after they all have been cleaned and peeled. Now start putting in the following vegetables: one onion, parsley, kohlrabi, celery, carrots, cauliflower and one sweet potato.  Let simmer until all vegetables are cooked and you have Jewish penicillin. With all these vegetables and chicken, this is a surefire way to get better quick!

The easiest one to explain is it’s remedy for a cold. Whenever you have a cold the first thing you do is drink something hot, “sweat it out” is what I remember being told. You’re eating something hot that is loaded with vegetables and protein, it’s gotta make you feel better.

For all the other ailments that you’ve been told about that chicken soup helps, I would have to assume it’s the vegetables and chicken that might make you feel better. Maybe it’s like a placebo, if you think it’s going to help then it helps!


Juicy Beef Hamburgers….The New Fad?!

It seems like these days there are burger joints opening up on every corner, beef hamburgers are the new craze!

All restaurants, from the mom and pop to the big franchises, are continuously trying to out do each other. They all want to be the one with the craziest and juiciest beef hamburger. You would think that these days people would veer away from beef because the consumer is supposed to “health conscious”, not when it comes to burgers I guess!

The bigger and messier the burger the better! There is a place in Las Vegas that prides itself on the burger with the most calories. I believe one of them is called a coronary or heart failure, something like that. And the people flock to these places just to say they had the craziest beef hamburger!

I am sure you all have heard on In-N-Out Burger, because that’s what it’s all about!! People what in line on foot and in their cars for hours just to sink their teeth into something that you can order animal style…I personally wouldn’t know, but I’ve heard.

When you see ads for these burgers and see what has been concocted, you think how do they come up with this stuff? You would never think to put half the things on these burgers that these places are putting on them! There is of course the usual stuff, but some of these restaurants are bordering on unusual. I am all for veggies and the sauces, even onions rings and egg over easy, but when fruit and seafood come into to play my appetite is sidelined.

Whatever happened to the good old beef hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion? I feel like even when people go into McDonalds or Burger King, no one orders these so called “plain” burgers anymore. The consumer needs to eat something that will blow their mind because it is plastered all over the media! No one wants to be ordinary anymore, it’s all about EXTRAordinary these days!

With summer coming before you know it, people should get back to the basics, grilling at home with the fam and friends, because after a while there will be no crazy burger to chase!

There’s nothing quite like a juicy beef hamburger on a toasted bun with some veggies and bbq sauce.

Stay Hungry!


Beef Jerky….who would’ve thought?!

Everybody has come across a person at one time or another who makes a sour face when beef jerky is mentioned. Those people can’t wrap their head around the idea of beef jerky or eating beef for a snack! What those people don’t realize is that beef jerky wasn’t initially created as a snack or a source of protein, it was created as a means to preserve the meat.

This whole jerky idea was created by Indians. They used to “burn” the meat to preserve it and in essence created beef jerky. The word jerky has been twisted around from the Indian word charqui. They had no other way to prevent the meat from spoiling, so they salted it and burned it and poooof…beef jerky!!

The most appealing part of beef jerky is the high protein factor! That is probably why men are more drawn to beef jerky than women. Ask pretty much anyone and they will tell you that you that it is crucial to have protein within an hour of working out. If you are like me and don’t like those chalky shakes, then beef jerky is your protein answer. For every one ounce of meat there is 14 grams of protein and only one ounce of fat.

These days that are almost as many different kinds of beef jerky as there are candy bars. Today people are using beef jerky for more then just a snack. You can chop it up and put in a salad, you can also go as far as putting it between two pieces of bread….lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard…done! I am not so sure about the sandwich, but it is kind of like a dry salami sandwich, to each their own!

Beef jerky has almost become as trendy as motorcycles. The two almost go hand in hand. If you are going on a long day ride or even a road trip, beef jerky fits perfectly in your saddlebags! I personally going riding quite often and my beef jerky is always within reach. Harley Davidson even manufactures their own beef jerky!! They should include some with every motorcycle purchase!

If you google beef jerky, you can click for at least 7 pages until a webpage is repeated! They even make caffeinated jerky, I think it’s called perky jerky or something like that. What has become popular is beef jerky from ground beef because it is easier to chew. Items like, slim jim and jerky strips…people are turning to these items because it’s easier on the jaw and they are still eating jerky!

That’s the beauty of beef jerky, there is something didn’t ways to make it and so many things you can do with it. When it comes to beef jerky, the possibilities are endless.





What’s so yummy about Orange beef jerky??

We get emails all day long from people asking about our jerky. They want to know what are our most popular flavors, they want to know nutritional information and with flavors like Orange and Sesame, they want to know what’s so “yummy” about it!!

Our Orange Beef Jerky is one of the flavors that is marinated over night in order to lock in the full flavor. When you bite into a piece of our Orange jerky and as you chew it different flavors and spices hit your palette for the full experience that is out Orange Beef Jerky!

For those of you out there that haven’t had the pleasure of tasting our Orange jerky, it’s kind of like having orange chicken. But when having orange chicken as soon as you put the chicken in your mouth, you get hit with the full flavor. When eating the jerky, the more you chew, the more flavor you get out of it. It’s kind of like life, you get out of it what you put in!

Aside from the fresh meat and ingredients that make our jerky yummy, it is also the TLC that makes it yummy as well! Before we even slice beef, it is inspected to make sure it is good enough for RJ’s standards. Then before we package it, we go through the batch and taste to make sure it’s yummy to the MAX!!

I could sit here and go on and on about how yummy our Orange jerky is and it is still wont do it justice….you are going to have to try it and see for yourself just how yummy it is!!

-RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky-



Chewy Beef Jerky…..Is Real Beef Jerky!!

This is the age old question, is chewy beef jerky better?!?

To real beef jerky lovers, dry and chewy is the way jerky should be. If the jerky is slimy and sticks to your teeth, what you are eating is more like taffy then it is jerky. Chewy beef jerky is real beef jerky!

We also manufacture jerky strips which are made from ground beef. Our jerky strips would not be considered chewy beef jerky because it is made from ground beef instead of cut beef making it easier to chew.

Real beef jerky should come with a warning! Just like roller coasters are not for the faint of heart, beef jerky is not for people with problems with their teeth! Precisely  for those people is why we began making jerky strips, because no matter what condition your mouth is in you should be able to enjoy beef jerky.

Just remember, chewy beef jerky is real beef jerky, if it ‘aint chewy it ‘aint jerky!!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky



How long does beef jerky remain edible??

Beef jerky started out as a way for cavemen and Indians to preserve their meat for the harsh winter months. When people you weren’t native to the land saw their methods, it eventually turned in to beef jerky.

The whole point of beef jerky is that you can have meat protein to eat without lugging around a refrigerator. This goes back to the wild west, a cowboy never rode without his spurs or beef jerky!

We have been manufacturing beef jerky professionally for five years now and have been doing testing for just as long. We have had several bag of beef jerky still sealed sitting in a cool dry place for the past three years and nothing has happened to it! We also have open bags that are keep in a zip lock bag with as little air as possible in it for the same amount of time and it too is still good! Lastly, we have loose jerky sitting in a cool dry place for the same amount of time and it only gets drier! You could still eat it, it’s just harder to chew.

Some people don’t like the dry texture of traditional jerky, they like it wet and chewy. Wet and chewy jerky does not last as long. The reason jerky is dry is because it has been dehydrated, so it could last against the elements.

There are some beef jerky companies that use preservatives to make their beef jerky last, we don’t!

Another factor in making beef jerky last is putting an oxygen absorber into the packaging. The oxygen absorber keeps moisture from bubbling up inside the bag and damaging the meat. Another factor that helps is when you package the jerky and take all the air out of the bag, you can inject nitrogen into the bag. The nitrogen helps to preserve the meat without using preservatives.


What is Best Kosher Beef Jerky?

The obvious answer to that question is that RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky is the best Kosher beef jerky!

The best can mean a few different things. One meaning refers to the ingredients you use and another meaning refers to the knowledge that goes into manufacturing the product.

When it comes to ingredients, we at RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky only use the finest and best of anything that goes into our jerky. For example, we only use prime cut beef for our beef jerky and we make sure to trim as much fat off before and after the cooking process. Since Kosher meat by nature is salty, we make sure to use only low sodium soy sauce, for all our customers that have an issue with salt. All these factors are what make RJ’s the best Kosher beef jerky.

It’s not easy being the BEST KOSHER BEEF JERKY! You need to continue with the same momentum that you started out with. RJ’s doesn’t have the luxury of having someone else manufacture and watch over the jerky, we do everything ourselves! People can taste the difference in RJ’s because we watch over every little step in the process. Our process is the ultimate in bishul Yisroel!! From taking delivery of the meat, to buying the ingredients, to packing the jerky is what makes RJ’s the BEST KOSHER BEEF JERKY!!

Being the best isn’t easy because there are people constantly trying take your crown! A wise man once told me that imitation is the greatest form of flattery! And besides competition is good, it keeps you at the top of your game! Competition keeps you trying to always one up yourself and come up with something fresh!

You know you are doing something right when there are others that want to do what you do!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky