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Chewy Beef Jerky…..Is Real Beef Jerky!!

This is the age old question, is chewy beef jerky better?!?

To real beef jerky lovers, dry and chewy is the way jerky should be. If the jerky is slimy and sticks to your teeth, what you are eating is more like taffy then it is jerky. Chewy beef jerky is real beef jerky!

We also manufacture jerky strips which are made from ground beef. Our jerky strips would not be considered chewy beef jerky because it is made from ground beef instead of cut beef making it easier to chew.

Real beef jerky should come with a warning! Just like roller coasters are not for the faint of heart, beef jerky is not for people with problems with their teeth! Precisely  for those people is why we began making jerky strips, because no matter what condition your mouth is in you should be able to enjoy beef jerky.

Just remember, chewy beef jerky is real beef jerky, if it ‘aint chewy it ‘aint jerky!!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky



How long does beef jerky remain edible??

Beef jerky started out as a way for cavemen and Indians to preserve their meat for the harsh winter months. When people you weren’t native to the land saw their methods, it eventually turned in to beef jerky.

The whole point of beef jerky is that you can have meat protein to eat without lugging around a refrigerator. This goes back to the wild west, a cowboy never rode without his spurs or beef jerky!

We have been manufacturing beef jerky professionally for five years now and have been doing testing for just as long. We have had several bag of beef jerky still sealed sitting in a cool dry place for the past three years and nothing has happened to it! We also have open bags that are keep in a zip lock bag with as little air as possible in it for the same amount of time and it too is still good! Lastly, we have loose jerky sitting in a cool dry place for the same amount of time and it only gets drier! You could still eat it, it’s just harder to chew.

Some people don’t like the dry texture of traditional jerky, they like it wet and chewy. Wet and chewy jerky does not last as long. The reason jerky is dry is because it has been dehydrated, so it could last against the elements.

There are some beef jerky companies that use preservatives to make their beef jerky last, we don’t!

Another factor in making beef jerky last is putting an oxygen absorber into the packaging. The oxygen absorber keeps moisture from bubbling up inside the bag and damaging the meat. Another factor that helps is when you package the jerky and take all the air out of the bag, you can inject nitrogen into the bag. The nitrogen helps to preserve the meat without using preservatives.


What is Best Kosher Beef Jerky?

The obvious answer to that question is that RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky is the best Kosher beef jerky!

The best can mean a few different things. One meaning refers to the ingredients you use and another meaning refers to the knowledge that goes into manufacturing the product.

When it comes to ingredients, we at RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky only use the finest and best of anything that goes into our jerky. For example, we only use prime cut beef for our beef jerky and we make sure to trim as much fat off before and after the cooking process. Since Kosher meat by nature is salty, we make sure to use only low sodium soy sauce, for all our customers that have an issue with salt. All these factors are what make RJ’s the best Kosher beef jerky.

It’s not easy being the BEST KOSHER BEEF JERKY! You need to continue with the same momentum that you started out with. RJ’s doesn’t have the luxury of having someone else manufacture and watch over the jerky, we do everything ourselves! People can taste the difference in RJ’s because we watch over every little step in the process. Our process is the ultimate in bishul Yisroel!! From taking delivery of the meat, to buying the ingredients, to packing the jerky is what makes RJ’s the BEST KOSHER BEEF JERKY!!

Being the best isn’t easy because there are people constantly trying take your crown! A wise man once told me that imitation is the greatest form of flattery! And besides competition is good, it keeps you at the top of your game! Competition keeps you trying to always one up yourself and come up with something fresh!

You know you are doing something right when there are others that want to do what you do!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky

RJs Kosher Beef Jerky & KosherFest

Where’s The Kosher Beef Jerky?!

KosherFest 2011 is going on as we speak at the Meadowlands convention center in New Jersey. It is the biggest of all the Kosher food conventions and if you want to unveil a new Kosher product, KosherFest is where you do it!

2007 was the first year RJs Kosher Beef Jerky exhibited at KosherFest. That year we also entered into the New Product Competition and our Kosher Beef Jerky won New Product of the Year in the meat, seafood and poultry division. We are the only Kosher Beef Jerky company who has won the KosherFest new product competition and we did it in our debut year at KosherFest!!

We have been back to KosherFest twice after winning the new product competition and it seemed like each year the public was equally as excited as the first. Who knew Kosher Beef Jerky could stir up such a frenzy….I’ll tell you who, RJs Kosher Beef Jerky!! Consumers were shocked to see how many different flavors of jerky we had because past and present Kosher Beef Jerky manufacturers only have had three or four!

When it came time to design our booth for KosherFest, we of course went with the cowboy/western theme. We were decked out in big belt buckles, Wranglers, boots (one with spurs) and gun belt complete with six shooter! We even used a buck knife to open up the little sample bags of jerky. The RJs Kosher Beef Jerky booth was definitely one of the booths to be at. One year we gave out hats that some people actually wore….at the show! It really makes it all worth it when you see how excited people get over your products.

You can check out our Facebook page, pictures from KosherFest. While you’re there “Like” our page so you can stay up to date on all of our specials and discounts.

In fact, we will throw one in right here. Use the coupon code kosherfest at checkout and get 20% off 12 packages. There are only 7 discounts available, so first come first serve,!!

Yeeee Hawww!!

Kosher Beef Jerky

Another satisfied RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky customer!!

Emily loves RJs Kosher Beef Jerky

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky Ships WORLDWIDE!!

Where’s The Kosher Beef Jerky?!As all of you should know our US troops are over seas risking their lives for our freedom and way of life. What some of you may or may not know is that many of those troops are our fellow Jews in green!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky has been involved over the past 5 years in sending Kosher Beef Jerky over to our Jews in green in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have to admit that the first time we received an order to be shipped to an APO address, i had not idea what that was! But as word spread, we became very familiar with it! Mothers began emailing and ordering for their children who are serving because Kosher meat was impossible to come by. And when the Kosher troops found out about RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky, they couldn’t order fast enough!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky has donated jerky to several organizations like Operation Far From Home, who send care packages to the US troops serving over seas. They usually send parcels around the holidays, when the troops really miss home!

The most gratifying part for us are the emails had handwritten letters we get from the soldiers and their families about how happy our Kosher Beef Jerky has made them! You couldn’t put a price on that even if you tried and that’s why we keep doing what we do! Even when a soldier pays for an order we always send along some extra jerky for them!

We pray that all our troops, Kosher and not, come home safe and come home soon!

On a lighter side…

This summer lots of parents had us send Kosher Beef Jerky to their children in sleep away camps! I remember growing up and nothing made me happier then to get a care package from home with all my favorite snacks! The thought that children across America were asking their parents to send them RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky was extremely gratifying, stuff like that makes us proud of what we do!

G-d Bless & Enjoy!!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky


Often imitated, but never duplicated…

Where’s the Kosher Beef Jerky?!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky, is the only Kosher Beef Jerky company that manufactures, packages and distributes its own prodcuts.

We are a family owned and operated business that keeps a close eye on the production of all our jerky. Our jerky is bishul Yisroel. We take jerky very seriously because it is our passion.

Some people may think that our jerky is “too dry”, but that’s what real jerky tastes like. The only flavor that’s allowed to be somewhat gooey is teriyaki, the rest are meant to be dry! The Kosher Beef Jerky business is like any other food business, you will have people that may not like your products!

We do not use any preservatives in our prodcuts We want to keep all our jerky as natural as possible! Our jerky has a shelf life of at least 6 months, as long as our jerky is kept in a cool dry place and with as little air as possible inside the bag.

When we started out making Kosher Beef Jerky, there were only 3 flavors, but now we make 7 different kinds of Kosher Beef Jerky!! These flavors are made from cut beef and they are as follows: Original, Spicy, Teriyaki, Hickory Smoked, BBQ, Sesame and Orange.

For those of you out there that have an issue with cholestorol and still want enjoy Kosher Beef Jerky, we make 3 different kinds of turkey jerky as well. They are, Original, Spicy and Teriyaki.

As we mentioned earlier, some people think that RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky is “hard to chew”, so we made jerky from ground beef which is easier on the teeth! And yes you guessed it, they come in 3 flavors, Jerky Strips(Original), Spicy Strips and Teriyaki Strips.

Don’t think we forgot about those of you that don’t beef or turkey, because we make salmon jerky too! Our salmon jerky also comes in 3 flavors, Original, Spicy and Teriyaki. We know that some of you are thinking that salmon jerky doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s quite tasty!!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky, does not stop at jerky, we also manufactre dried sausages and various smoked meats.

Currently we are reworking our Sausage Stix recipe and that’s why they are not on our website,

As far as our Smoked Meats goes, we make Smoked Veal, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Duck, Beef Bacon and Turkey Bacon.

We recently started distributing Blair’s Death Sauce!! These select sauces are certified Kosher by the OU and are HOTTER than HOT!! There are 5 different kinds, Original, After, Mega, Sudden, and Ultra Death Sauce, they are for sale on our website,

Visit our webite, and wether you order 1 packages or 100 packages, shipping is FREE. Check out our specials page, because if you do want to order 100 packages, there are some volume discounts available! Also check back to the specials page here on our blog for discounts for fellow Kosher Beef Jerky lovers!!

Winter vacation will be here before you know it, so check back for specials for those exciting winter family trips!!

Thank You & Enjoy!!