Chewy Beef Jerky…..Is Real Beef Jerky!!

This is the age old question, is chewy beef jerky better?!?

To real beef jerky lovers, dry and chewy is the way jerky should be. If the jerky is slimy and sticks to your teeth, what you are eating is more like taffy then it is jerky. Chewy beef jerky is real beef jerky!

We also manufacture jerky strips which are made from ground beef. Our jerky strips would not be considered chewy beef jerky because it is made from ground beef instead of cut beef making it easier to chew.

Real beef jerky should come with a warning! Just like roller coasters are not for the faint of heart, beef jerky is not for people with problems with their teeth! Precisely  for those people is why we began making jerky strips, because no matter what condition your mouth is in you should be able to enjoy beef jerky.

Just remember, chewy beef jerky is real beef jerky, if it ‘aint chewy it ‘aint jerky!!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky



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