RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky Ships WORLDWIDE!!

Where’s The Kosher Beef Jerky?!As all of you should know our US troops are over seas risking their lives for our freedom and way of life. What some of you may or may not know is that many of those troops are our fellow Jews in green!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky has been involved over the past 5 years in sending Kosher Beef Jerky over to our Jews in green in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have to admit that the first time we received an order to be shipped to an APO address, i had not idea what that was! But as word spread, we became very familiar with it! Mothers began emailing and ordering for their children who are serving because Kosher meat was impossible to come by. And when the Kosher troops found out about RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky, they couldn’t order fast enough!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky has donated jerky to several organizations like Operation Far From Home, who send care packages to the US troops serving over seas. They usually send parcels around the holidays, when the troops really miss home!

The most gratifying part for us are the emails had handwritten letters we get from the soldiers and their families about how happy our Kosher Beef Jerky has made them! You couldn’t put a price on that even if you tried and that’s why we keep doing what we do! Even when a soldier pays for an order we always send along some extra jerky for them!

We pray that all our troops, Kosher and not, come home safe and come home soon!

On a lighter side…

This summer lots of parents had us send Kosher Beef Jerky to their children in sleep away camps! I remember growing up and nothing made me happier then to get a care package from home with all my favorite snacks! The thought that children across America were asking their parents to send them RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky was extremely gratifying, stuff like that makes us proud of what we do!

G-d Bless & Enjoy!!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky


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