Juicy Beef Hamburgers….The New Fad?!

It seems like these days there are burger joints opening up on every corner, beef hamburgers are the new craze!

All restaurants, from the mom and pop to the big franchises, are continuously trying to out do each other. They all want to be the one with the craziest and juiciest beef hamburger. You would think that these days people would veer away from beef because the consumer is supposed to “health conscious”, not when it comes to burgers I guess!

The bigger and messier the burger the better! There is a place in Las Vegas that prides itself on the burger with the most calories. I believe one of them is called a coronary or heart failure, something like that. And the people flock to these places just to say they had the craziest beef hamburger!

I am sure you all have heard on In-N-Out Burger, because that’s what it’s all about!! People what in line on foot and in their cars for hours just to sink their teeth into something that you can order animal style…I personally wouldn’t know, but I’ve heard.

When you see ads for these burgers and see what has been concocted, you think how do they come up with this stuff? You would never think to put half the things on these burgers that these places are putting on them! There is of course the usual stuff, but some of these restaurants are bordering on unusual. I am all for veggies and the sauces, even onions rings and egg over easy, but when fruit and seafood come into to play my appetite is sidelined.

Whatever happened to the good old beef hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion? I feel like even when people go into McDonalds or Burger King, no one orders these so called “plain” burgers anymore. The consumer needs to eat something that will blow their mind because it is plastered all over the media! No one wants to be ordinary anymore, it’s all about EXTRAordinary these days!

With summer coming before you know it, people should get back to the basics, grilling at home with the fam and friends, because after a while there will be no crazy burger to chase!

There’s nothing quite like a juicy beef hamburger on a toasted bun with some veggies and bbq sauce.

Stay Hungry!


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