Chicken Matzah Ball Soup….Good & Good for You!

I’m sure all of you have heard of the age old saying that chicken matzah ball soup if a form of Jewish penicillin. At one time or another your mother or grandmother has offered you chicken soup when you said you weren’t feeling well. It’s kind of like your old coach telling you to walk it off after being hit in the head with a baseball! Chicken soup is the answer to anything and everything that ails you.

There are multiple explanations as to why your grandmother thought that a hot bowl of chicken soup would make you feel better. I should go through the process of making chicken matzah ball soup before telling you why it helps.

So here’s a age old tried and true chicken soup recipe that is sure to cure you of just about anything.

First you need to boil chicken bones and chicken necks until they are the cooked. During this process add salt and pepper to taste. After the bones are cooked, remove the top layer of fat. Next you begin adding the vegetable after they all have been cleaned and peeled. Now start putting in the following vegetables: one onion, parsley, kohlrabi, celery, carrots, cauliflower and one sweet potato.  Let simmer until all vegetables are cooked and you have Jewish penicillin. With all these vegetables and chicken, this is a surefire way to get better quick!

The easiest one to explain is it’s remedy for a cold. Whenever you have a cold the first thing you do is drink something hot, “sweat it out” is what I remember being told. You’re eating something hot that is loaded with vegetables and protein, it’s gotta make you feel better.

For all the other ailments that you’ve been told about that chicken soup helps, I would have to assume it’s the vegetables and chicken that might make you feel better. Maybe it’s like a placebo, if you think it’s going to help then it helps!


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