What is Best Kosher Beef Jerky?

The obvious answer to that question is that RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky is the best Kosher beef jerky!

The best can mean a few different things. One meaning refers to the ingredients you use and another meaning refers to the knowledge that goes into manufacturing the product.

When it comes to ingredients, we at RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky only use the finest and best of anything that goes into our jerky. For example, we only use prime cut beef for our beef jerky and we make sure to trim as much fat off before and after the cooking process. Since Kosher meat by nature is salty, we make sure to use only low sodium soy sauce, for all our customers that have an issue with salt. All these factors are what make RJ’s the best Kosher beef jerky.

It’s not easy being the BEST KOSHER BEEF JERKY! You need to continue with the same momentum that you started out with. RJ’s doesn’t have the luxury of having someone else manufacture and watch over the jerky, we do everything ourselves! People can taste the difference in RJ’s because we watch over every little step in the process. Our process is the ultimate in bishul Yisroel!! From taking delivery of the meat, to buying the ingredients, to packing the jerky is what makes RJ’s the BEST KOSHER BEEF JERKY!!

Being the best isn’t easy because there are people constantly trying take your crown! A wise man once told me that imitation is the greatest form of flattery! And besides competition is good, it keeps you at the top of your game! Competition keeps you trying to always one up yourself and come up with something fresh!

You know you are doing something right when there are others that want to do what you do!

RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky

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