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RJs Kosher Beef Jerky & KosherFest

Where’s The Kosher Beef Jerky?!

KosherFest 2011 is going on as we speak at the Meadowlands convention center in New Jersey. It is the biggest of all the Kosher food conventions and if you want to unveil a new Kosher product, KosherFest is where you do it!

2007 was the first year RJs Kosher Beef Jerky exhibited at KosherFest. That year we also entered into the New Product Competition and our Kosher Beef Jerky won New Product of the Year in the meat, seafood and poultry division. We are the only Kosher Beef Jerky company who has won the KosherFest new product competition and we did it in our debut year at KosherFest!!

We have been back to KosherFest twice after winning the new product competition and it seemed like each year the public was equally as excited as the first. Who knew Kosher Beef Jerky could stir up such a frenzy….I’ll tell you who, RJs Kosher Beef Jerky!! Consumers were shocked to see how many different flavors of jerky we had because past and present Kosher Beef Jerky manufacturers only have had three or four!

When it came time to design our booth for KosherFest, we of course went with the cowboy/western theme. We were decked out in big belt buckles, Wranglers, boots (one with spurs) and gun belt complete with six shooter! We even used a buck knife to open up the little sample bags of jerky. The RJs Kosher Beef Jerky booth was definitely one of the booths to be at. One year we gave out hats that some people actually wore….at the show! It really makes it all worth it when you see how excited people get over your products.

You can check out our Facebook page, pictures from KosherFest. While you’re there “Like” our page so you can stay up to date on all of our specials and discounts.

In fact, we will throw one in right here. Use the coupon code kosherfest at checkout and get 20% off 12 packages. There are only 7 discounts available, so first come first serve,!!

Yeeee Hawww!!

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